Classes Recorded

Classes are provided in audio mp3 format for download from this website, in YouTube Channel and also in iTunes. Each class is of 60 minutes duration.

The Poornalayam Catalogue (பட்டியல்) 2019 contains a complete list of Swamiji’s books and classes.

Class Topics

Classes have been classified under the following topics:

1. Introduction (அறிமுகம்)

2. Bhagavad Gita (பகவத்கீதை)

3. Upanishads (உபநிஷத்துக்கள்)

4. Vedantic Texts (வேதாந்த நூல்கள்)

5. Brahma Sutram (ப்ரம்ம சூத்ரம்)

6. General Talks (வேதாந்த சொற்பொழிவுகள்)

7. Guided Meditation (த்யானம்)

Free downloads have been enabled for the benefit of genuine seekers for private or personal listening use only.

Downloads should not be used for commercial exploitation either in the form of sale or in any other media.