Classes Recorded

Each Class is of 60 minutes duration.

File size for each class is approximately 6 to 7 MB in MP3 format.

Classes uploaded in this website have also been uploaded in the Internet Archive website.   For the convenience of listeners, links to the talks loaded on to the Internet Archive site, have been provided in the respective pages of this website.  Listeners may download talks from the Archive site, as well.

Classes have been classified under the following topics:

  1. Introduction (அறிமுகம்)
  2. Bhagavad Gita (பகவத்கீதை)
  3. Upanishads (உபநிஷத்துக்கள்)
  4. Vedantic Texts (வேதாந்த நூல்கள்)
  5. Brahma Sutram (ப்ரம்ம சூத்ரம்)
  6. General Talks (வேதாந்த சொற்பொழிவுகள்)
  7. Guided Meditation (த்யானம்)